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Small Animals

Our dedicated team of professionals at Central Veterinary Services provides advanced surgical, medical and diagnostic services to small pet owners. 

We are able to perform most blood work on-site as well as fecal analysis, urinalysis and various other laboratory diagnostic procedures.

Some of our services include:

  • Vaccination & Preventative medicine

  • Deworming

  • Parasite Control

  • Surgery

    • Spay / Neuter​

    • Orthopedic

    • Radiology 

    • Soft Tissue

    • Endoscopy

  • Canine Reproduction

    • Artificial Insemination (AI)​ Services

    • Progesterone Testing

    • Vaginal Smears

    • Canine Brucellosis Testing

    • Pregnancy Diagnosis

    • Neonatal Care

  • Radiology Digital mobile unit for all species

    • Barium Series

    • Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) Radiographs

    • Contrast and Double Contrast Cystograms.

  • Endoscopy

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